Company Profile

Tachibana Material Co., Ltd. is a proposal-based company that combines the functions of a trading company
and a manufacturer that develops a wide range of civil engineering related products .

Business content

Civil engineering material technology for growing cities.
Our motto is “What you need, when you need it, speedily.”

With the functions of a manufacturer and a trading company, we accurately respond to customer needs.

Tachibana Material is not only a trading company that provides products, but also actively develops its own products.
It is said that 100 construction sites have 100 civil engineering materials, as the soil quality and construction methods differ from site to site. Based on these actual conditions, we have conducted in-depth market research and have continued to grow as a proposal-oriented company by launching more appropriate original products and OEM products to the market one after another. This combination of trading company functions and manufacturer functions has earned us the deep trust of our customers nationwide.

Tachibana’s immediate delivery system is based on the motto, “What you need, when you need it.”

In general, the space for material storage at construction sites is not always large. The “immediate delivery system” was born from the actual situation. This system of delivering what is needed today has supported Tachibana Material’s history for nearly half a century as a motto since its founding. By agilely gathering market information, stepping into the field, and communicating with customers, we always maintain accurate inventories and support the improvement of efficiency at civil engineering sites.

Beyond the boundaries of manufacturers and trading companies – Tachibana’s solutions –

We will do our best to satisfy you with the best proposals for your consultations, from basic tests to joint research and development, such as new material formulation studies, new construction methods, design changes and construction approvals. In addition, we always have main products in our warehouse, and we have a large number of grout-related equipment (fluid, storage, pumping pumps, etc.) in the equipment center, so we can respond quickly to the site. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Areas of practice

We have established three groups to respond appropriately to various sites. From the proposal of materials and technology to the handling of various troubles, the person in charge with a wealth of knowledge based on past achievements will support the site.

Technical cooperation

We have a fully equipped testing room.
We can propose a wide range of grouting materials, insolubilizing materials, injection materials, modifying materials, and improving materials according to the examination of new materials and construction methods.

[Joint development]
We will cooperate with technical proposals such as formulation tests and basic tests that involve design changes and construction approval.

Proposal to the site, support system

Enhanced testing facilities

We have testing equipment that can handle various tests such as tamping tests using an automatic rammer and compounding tests using a Hobart mixer. It is also possible to carry out formulation studies and experiments tailored to the customer in our own laboratory and have them attend.

Compression test environment

Our laboratory is fully equipped with unconfined compressive strength tests corresponding to low strength to high strength. We also support.

On-site response

Our employees will respond to inquiries, tests, troubles, etc. from each site. As for equipment, we have specialized workers, so please feel free to ask us anything.

Own warehouse

We have a material warehouse, and we will sincerely respond to sudden orders. We have a complete cooperation system with our long-term business partners, and we can handle orders and deliveries on the same day depending on the situation.

Owning equipment center and factory

Matsubushi Equipment Center

We will make proposals for grout-related equipment and related medium- to small-sized equipment according to the application. Professional staff are stationed at the site from start-up to maintenance and on-site attendance, so we will respond according to your request.

Noda Equipment Center

We have grout-related equipment and associated large to medium-sized equipment. We have many achievements such as large-scale experiments jointly with customers. Please leave the examination of new materials and construction methods to Tachibana Materials.

Ibaraki Manufacturing Office

We manufacture Tachibana brand products such as filling materials and backfilling materials.

What kind of place is the Ibaraki Manufacturing Office?

The Ibaraki Manufacturing Office manufactures products that satisfy customers with peace of mind. We deliver Tachibana brand products to all over the country with our well-equipped production facilities. We are also focusing on developing new products to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers. As a manufacturing base for our own products, we will continue to produce products that will help our customers solve their problems.