Experience growth in an environment where you can always take on new challenges

Masashi Ogawa

Head Office Management Department/Joined in March 2015

The management department’s work focuses on accounting, but it also creates a comfortable working environment for employees.
I am involved in a variety of tasks such as setting up computers and smartphones, managing company cars, managing ETC and fuel cards, inquiring about internal systems, and arranging equipment.
For example, right after I arrive at work, someone tells me that an LED is burnt out and they want me to replace it, and I do so, so I am working on small things.
I also think that one of our company’s charms is our corporate culture where we can make even big things come true if we make a proposal.
In the past, drive recorders for company cars were purchased individually, so there were many cases where there was no footage left when responding to an accident, and settlements tended to take longer.
Therefore, we proposed that the company enter into a lease contract for drive recorders and install them in all vehicles to create an environment in which commercial drivers could drive with peace of mind, which was adopted.
Immediately after introducing the system, it was difficult because there were many troubles and inquiries from employees, but now the number of accidents has decreased, and the provision of drive recorders from the company has helped improve safe driving awareness, reducing the number of accidents. The number of cases is also on the decline, which makes me feel motivated.
Currently, we are working on a cashless system, and up until now we had been paying in cash, so we had to go to the bank several times a month, but now we can transfer cash directly to employees’ bank accounts. We are also working to improve operational efficiency, such as by reducing the amount of time and effort required to go to the bank.
There is an environment where you can always try new things, and you can work through trial and error, so you can feel your growth.

weekday schedule

Morning assembly → Check email/confirm daily schedule
Payment handling (densai, transfer processing, etc.)
Expense settlement support (checking withdrawal slips and settlement procedures)
Lunch break
Vehicle support (organize information for all offices and respond to inquiries)
Accounting support (journal entry, checking, etc.)
Other duties (bank balance confirmation, etc.)
Leaving the company

my holiday

On my days off, I ride my bicycle.
Since I work in an office, I realized that I didn’t get enough exercise, so at the urging of my boss, I started cycling after entering the workforce.
At first, I borrowed a cross bike from my boss and tried riding a short distance together, but I didn’t really know how to ride it, and it was difficult to even stop, so I didn’t find it very fun at first.
However, once I realized the sense of accomplishment I felt when I actually arrived at my destination and how delicious the local food was, I became hooked.
Now, I have purchased a cross bike and am enjoying my private life.