My job is a treasure hunt

Yuuto Setoguchi

Engineering Department / Joined in April 2020

I belong to the technical department.
Here, we focus on brushing up our own products, researching and developing new products, and joint research and development with business partners.
Starting with catching up on needs, the general flow is: plan formulation ⇒ preparation for experiments ⇒ preliminary experiments ⇒ result consideration ⇒ preliminary experiments ⇒ … ⇒ demonstration experiments ⇒ new products (new technologies). Experiments vary from those that yield immediate results to those that require a long span of time, and are a process of repeated trial and error. How many hints can you find from errors and how fast you can type. To me he is a treasure hunt.
I would be happy if the treasure I found would become a good gear for society in the future.

Weekday schedule

morning greeting
email check desk work
Group experiment
lunch time break
Resume experiment
Discuss the results of the experiment within the group
Experiment preparation for the next day
Desk work (email correspondence, experimental equipment design, plan creation, etc.)
leaving work

my holiday

Horseback riding on the plains, mountain climbing in the Japanese Alps, and exploring remote islands. Travel north, south, east and west in search of nutrition that cannot be obtained through work alone. Horseback riding is especially recommended as a gem activity.
In this way, I pretend to be an outdoor person, but on holidays when the battery runs out, I’m a complete withdrawal. Zombies in horror movies are much more active.