The joy of searching for and proposing suitable formulations for each site

Ryosuke Ishikawa

Sendai Sales Office Sales Section/Joined in November 2018

Before joining Tachibana Material, I was in the field of craftsmanship, such as stage production for concerts and wooden molds for cutting cardboard into specified shapes. I have come to aspire to challenge my job. After encountering Tachibana Material recruitment, I applied with a strong interest in “not only selling existing products, but also exploring and proposing formulations suitable for the site.” At the interview, I fell in love with the director’s personality and decided to join the company. The director was and still is like a father figure.

However, I was inexperienced in both the industry and the industry, so at that time, I could only say “Good morning” and “Thank you for your hard work.” It’s all thanks to the seniors’ follow-up and backup, and even now, the depressed days are good memories.

…I talk like a distant past, but I am still getting angry.

At the site, we often check the situation directly, conduct tests on the spot, search for formulations and materials, and make proposals. We also provide maintenance and setup for leased machines, so we are deeply involved with the site and work together as one team to proceed with the construction. It’s hard when it doesn’t go well, but I’m happy when the construction is completed. I think that the attitude of getting close to customers is the charm and strength of Tachibana Materials.

Weekday schedule

Morning greeting
Email check, desk work
Departure to the site → Confirmation of progress on site
Lunch break
Visit the customer. New site schedule, necessary materials, etc.
Checking emails after returning to work, desk work
Leaving office

My holiday

I enjoy my hobbies to the fullest on my days off.
It is a band activity that has continued since school days. I’m the guitar on the right.

I haven’t gotten over the flow yet, but I’m doing NFT. We are opening a store at OpenSea.