What you need, where you need it, when you need it

Noritomo Sakai

Sales Section 1, Sales Department, Osaka Branch/Joined in March 2019

As a construction and civil engineering materials manufacturer and trading company, we believe that our primary role is to accurately deliver the materials our customers want.
For that reason, we will not only have meetings with customers, but also have internal meetings regarding inventory status and delivery system, etc.
Occasionally, there is also an urgent need to check on-site conditions where deliveries are not being made.
If you carry cement bags, it will be a daily training.

Because it’s invisible

These are bentonite and cement, which are the main products of the Sales Section 1 to which I belong.
Mainly used for building pillars. Even though it is called a pillar, the part where our materials are involved is buried in the ground and is invisible.
However, because it is invisible, it is difficult to redo or repair it, so quality control at the time of construction is very important.
As a manufacturer, Tachibana Material makes various products, and also conducts on-site quality control tests and provides advice.
Uncompromising quality control because it is invisible. In addition, we have earned the trust of our customers and received their orders.

Salesman and Researcher

As a sales person, my main work is to receive product orders, place orders, and set prices.
I didn’t study science in high school or university, and I had absolutely no connection with civil engineering or research. Now I also work as a researcher.

Weekday schedule

Coming to work → Stretching and sweeping around the company
Departure to the site → for on-site testing
Test → Quality control test at the site of the sales destination and discussion about future material delivery
Delivery → confirmation of material delivery and construction status
Customer office →Confirmation of future construction status
Returning to the office→Trials for new material development in the in-house test room
Desk work→Clerical work (confirmation of selling prices to customers, confirmation of materials for next-day delivery, etc.)
Estimation and response to inquiries
Leaving office

My holiday

Being with family on holidays is the best way to refresh yourself

On Sundays and public holidays, families gather together and relax at home.
I often leave the house while my family is sleeping and return when they are asleep, so I cherish the time I spend with my family on holidays.
The products I handle are often invisible, but when I think that they are useful for this child’s future, I get more involved in my work.

with friends

I get together once a month with my baseball friends from childhood and enjoy grass baseball.
After baseball, we have a drinking party and refresh ourselves physically and mentally while talking about work and family.

From work to hobby

Adult golf. Before I joined the company, I had never done it before.
At first, I was reluctant to play golf, but when I tried it, I was completely immersed in the fun and depth of golf.
Now I find time to improve my skills, such as after work.