Representative project introduction

Participating in major projects of general contractors with information gathering and product development capabilities

In the field of civil engineering materials, Tachibana Materials has been participating in big projects that have a long history of construction, such as Kansai International Airport, Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, and has achieved brilliant results.
Construction of the foundation of a building, which is said to be a battle with the ground, is a series of severe conditions, and the larger the project, the more advanced technology is required. Tachibana Materials has accumulated experience and know-how in such fields, and has built up a track record.

List of Participating Projects (Domestic)

The Tachibana brand is also active in overseas projects.

All industries are entering a borderless era.
The construction materials industry is no exception. From developing countries in Asia to developed countries in Europe and the United States, we are demonstrating our technological capabilities overseas as a member of Japanese joint ventures. In particular, we are actively participating in shield construction, which is highly evaluated overseas, mainly in the clean-back construction method of the plastic backfill injection system.

List of Participating Projects (Overseas)

Europe UK CTRL Project Section 220
Ireland Dublin Port Tunnel Project
Bulgaria Sofia Metro Project
Turkey Bosphorus Strait Tunnel Project
Middle East dubai metro project
Asia China Shanghai Road Tunnel Project
China Shanghai Tui Road Project
China Shanghai Metro Project
China Tianjin Metro Project
India Delhi Metro Project
Thailand Bangkok Metro Project Singapore Metro Project Taiwan Taipei Metro Project
Taiwan Kaohsiung Metro Project

others Australia Gold Coast Desalination Project
Sydney Desalination Project Melbourne Sewerage Project
Los Angeles,
USA JTMT-BWARI Sewerage Project
Seattle Beacon Hill Subway Project
New York Queens Bored Subway Project