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Boasting the industry’s No. 1 track record and history
“Tachibana” brand
Tachibana Materials is not just a trading company that provides products, but is also active in developing unique products. We continue to grow as a proposal-based company.
Trusted by all construction sites
Originality and technical ability
We have also participated in big projects that will go down in construction history, such as Kansai International Airport, Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.
What is bentonite?
Tachibana bentonite is produced by sorting and beneficiation of high-quality raw ore produced from the abundant mining area in Gunma Prefecture, which is said to be inexhaustible.It is produced using modern equipment and mass-producing the highest quality products under strict quality control. .
Technology and construction methods
There are five main points that are required of the filling material when performing residual tube occlusion filling.
, non-bleeding
, high fluidity
, low heat generation
, and moderate solidification strength
. TM300zero® is a material that satisfies all of the above points.
TGC method
Tachibana Gel Control is a two-component, highly viscous plastic filler that allows you to easily adjust the gel time and gel strength (shear strength) by changing the mixing ratio of the two components (A and B). can be controlled.
In addition, this filler is a plastic filler that has a proven track record for a variety of uses, including preventing over-excavation from collapsing when constructing sharp curves in over-excavation sections, preventing ground surface subsidence, and as a filler in chambers before shield launches.
Clean back method
In recent years, with the development of shield construction methods, many shield construction works have been carried out under adverse conditions such as high water pressure and extremely soft ground.
As a result, there has been a great deal of interest in backfill injection, and the development of a backfill injection system that not only prevents ground subsidence and underground water leakage, but also enables safe, speedy, and reliable injection work. It has been requested.
Currently, plastic backfilling materials that have a short gel time and maintain fluidity even after gelation have become mainstream, and are highly acclaimed for their effectiveness in a variety of soils.
In addition, we provide injection equipment as well as materials and an advanced automated and unitized plant system that supports plastic backfilling as a clean back method.

Products handledProducts

Tachibana Materials handles a wide variety of civil engineering-related products, including not only civil engineering materials such as bentonite, clay, and cement admixtures, but also building materials, chemical products, measuring instruments, and even the supply of various plant silos. . As technological innovation progresses and product life cycles tend to become shorter, we are constantly grasping the needs of the times and industry, assembling product configurations based on the latest information, and responding nimbly.

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